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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  September 12, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> and good morning. i am hert childers. >> i am patti ann browne. today is wednesday september 12th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> americans under attack. armed protestors violently storming building in libya and egypt leaving one american dead. ainsley is following this for us. what sparked all of this outrage? >> protestors are telling us they are upset over a movie a
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documentary which criticizes islam's prophet mohammed. (gun fire) >> that mob of protestors shooting guns and shooting rocket propelled grenades shooting guns at the counsel american consulate in libya. sent most of the building up in flames. one american dead another wounded. it comes hours after hundreds of islamic protestors descended on the u.s. embassy in cairo tearing down the american flag there trying to burn it instead ripping it apart. a muslim flag similar to the banner used by al qaeda saying quote there is no god but god and mohammed is his prophet.
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they are vowing to try to restore order. they released a statement saying the embassy of the u.s. in cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of muslims. as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions. the white house disavowed the statement saying it was unauthorized. the filmmaker is now in hiding. he says he is sorry about the american's death but continues to defend his film. >> thank you very much, ainsley. it is time now for your 5@5:00. more than 350,000 students in chicago will go another day without being inside the classroom. teachers there continuing to strike.
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as the strike enters another day they cannot agree on new evaluations or recall rights for laid off teachers. union president karen lewis made her first appearance rallying with thousands of teaches and supporters. >> chicago teachers have the highest average salary of any city. another round of talks set to resume later this morning. for less than two months before the presidential election the obama administration approved work permits for the first group of young illegal immigrants looking to avoid deportation. it comes three weeks after president obama's controversial policy went into effect and months ahead of schedule. so far 172,000 illegal immigrants have applied. it will cost the government $585 million to carry out over the first two years.
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critics say it is a ploy to woe hispanic voters. president obama says the policy is the right thing to do. >> moody is issuing a stark warning to congress act now or they will lose the credit rating. it plans to downgrade the u.s. if a debt can't be reached by year's end. it comes a year after the rival. >> after months of speculation they are expected to announce the iphone 5 today. you are looking at the invite to the event in san francisco. a new four inch sis play.
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>> a tribute in lights. remembering the terror attacks and the nearly 3,000 people who died. they signify of course the two fallen towers. they will shine until sunrise at 6:34 am eastern time this morning. that is your 5@5:00. the white house now dealing with another diplomatic dust up with israel. just a week after the dnc failed to include the jerusalem was in the platform. there's reports president obama turned down a request from the prime minister to meet here in the u.s. peter doocy is live for us in washington with more on that story. good morning, peter. >> good morning, heather. we got word from the white house president obama and prime minister netanyahu did talk on the phone last night for an hour but they won't be getting together in person although they
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never turned down a meeting. they reaffirmed they are united in determination to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon and agreed to continue their consultations going forward contrary to reports in the press there was never a press for netanyahu to meet in washington nor was there a request for a meeting denied. the white house blames their busy schedule for not meeting early in the day with national security advisor saying the president arrives in new york for the u.s. on monday september 24th and departs on tuesday september 25th. the prime minister doesn't arrive until later. the president and tm are in frequent contact and the pm will meet with other senior officials including secretary clinton during his visit. the last we heard from netanyahu
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it seemed the obama administration isn't backing up his call to draw a red line and plan action against iran if the islamic republic crosses it. wait, there is still time. i say wait for what? wait until when? those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before iran don't have a moral right to place a red light before islam. >> two prominent senators in the state john mccain and lindsay graham came out yesterday saying the white house will meet with prime minister send a troubling signal to the allies as they continue to work toward developing a nuclear bomb.
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a story that continues to develop. thank you very much, peter. that's what charles krauthammer is talking about this morning. krauthammer issuing harsh words in response slamming the white house for not meeting with netanyahu and the lack of action on iran. >> they were claiming they can't meet because they are not going to be in new york at the same time. that is ridiculous. that doesn't mean washington isn't accessible. who starts this campaign schedule. wanted to meet with netanyahu they would. >> that's about the weakest excuse you could image. for the israel ryes it's strategic issue, a life and death issue. >> they see the iae report from two weeks ago saying it is far from being stopped is actually accelerating. if there is any seriousness to
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our decoration we are not going to let iran become nuclear we have to establish a red line. the program is accelerating in iran. unless they stab a red line that's a signal to the iranians they can do anything they want there will be no response to the u.n. >> secretary of defense leon pineda said when iran makes a decision to build a nuclear weapon that will be a red line. heather? >> this morning bob woodward is also talking. he's the author of the new book "the price of politics" it gives bombshell details about the debt negotiation between congress and the white house. woodward also the associate editor of the "washington post" sat down to talk about the findings which he claims showed a lack of leadership by the president. i want every american to re read it for this reason. it should make everybody angry at the level of dysfunction at a time you say the american people
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never had any real knowledge of just how severe this was. >> it was the kind of crisis that took the country's economy to the cliff president obama when i interviewed him with the book they were gazed away from having $5 billion in the u.s. treasury. that's half a day's federal spending. if you think about it to let that happen not just the president but the republicans could have sent shock waves through the country couldn't have done things to the american economy that tim geithner the treasury secretary said would have been wse than the 1930s depression. >> in response to the book the white house spokesman says the president was absolutely commit to do preventing a default. >> oo time for your first degree
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weather update. maria molina has a gad start for us. >> it's another cool start across the northeast. not as bad as yesterday. yesterday we were talking about temperatures in the 40s across parts of northern new england. burlington a little warmer today. 61 in new york city. over in philadelphia looking at a current temperature of 59 degrees. we will be a little warmer in the afternoon hours. 79 for a high in new york city. as we head westbound minneapolis you will notice a major change today. yesterday you saw high temperatures in the 90s. today low 70s possibly a high of 70 degrees. we have a strong cold front in the upper midwest. a lot -- ahead of that still ho. widespread 90s as well across the state of texas. we are seeing showers and storms associated with the storm system
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in the rockies. we need the moisture. this is bringing an end to the elevator danger. we have had a break for several days. >> the time now 11 minutes after the top of the hour. sarah palin with a message she says all americans need to hear before voting. >> you have a choice. you either get free stuff or you get freedom. >> we will have more on what she has to say about the gop and what it needs to do that it is not doing right now to win in november. >> then commander-in-chief turned editor in chief? new reports that president obama had a helping hand in one of the convention's most talked about speeches.
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>> 15 after the hour. time now for a segment we call what the hill. when you hear these stories you will understand why. rob andrews is accused of using 30,000 dollars of campaign funds for a family trip to scotland. the trip was for a donor's wedding. the house committee disagrees. at first they through him in jail for helping clients avoid taxes, now they are rewarding him. they are giving bradley birk enfeld $104 million for helping them in a tax evasion investigation. they helped them nab thousands of americans who had money in overseas account. ubs was fined $187 million. time for another look at
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who's talking. telling bill o'reilly what she thys the republican party is not doing that they should be to win over voters. >> we are not explaining to the rest of america who think they are going to get a bunch of free stuff from obama that they have a choice. you either get free stuff or you get freedom. you cannot have both and you need to make a choice. if we could explain and get that message through the people that there apt no such thing as a free lunch and we are an involuntary vent nation we are 16 trillion in debt we are broke we can't keep continuing down this path. we are in a world of hurt if we can't get that explanation to the public, to the voters regarding what the choices are. >> palin also saying she thinks mitt romney needs to be very gracive in attacking the president's record.
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patty ann? >> thanks, heather. now to stories you can bank on this morning. the affordable care act may not be making healthcare more affordable for some americans. lauren simonetti from fox business network is here with more on that. >> good morning patti ann. >> your salary probably isn't going up but your health insurance premium is. health research and educational trust says premiums of family healthcare plan rose 4 percent to 15,745 dollars and you paid 4300 of that. payments rose by 9 percent. the bad news is they will likely go up 7 percent next year. this highlights the fact that the healthcare problem is anything but solved. >> some what depressing news, target is not going to participate in price wars over the holidays. >> if you were going to look for a special deal the retail strategy is to refrain from
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aggressive price cutting. they plan to keep inventories conservative and focus on the trendy but exclusive collections they keep doing and not the deep discounts they become accustomed to. >> all right. we have to see. the facebook ceo. >> a rare interview at the conference in san francisco. mark zucker burg made his first interview since they went public in may. they wore a gray t-shirt. turns out zucker burg p was shareholders. at this allows apps to work over many different types of platforms and hardware is limited results. they will try to insert more ads into the mobile system. the idea of a facebook smart
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phone that's not going to exist. he said no facebook smart phone just yet at least. >> looking all grown-up without that hoody. >> i know. i didn't know what to make of that. >> the time 19 after the hour. no pup pe love for -- no puppy love for one town. they are saying they are bad for business. the baby rumors speculation growing that prince william and kate middleton are expecting. what she did to spark the chatter. >> the national average 3.86 a gallon.
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a oo 23 after the hour. he tried to escape from his car with a rifle. he was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition. no one else was injured. next target, wisconsin president obama rolling out campaign ads vice presidential candidate paul ryan. president obama won by 14 percentage points there but this time around it could be a toss up. thousands of teachers are on strike in chicago education bounces back into the spotlight especially as we get closer to the presidential election. so what do president obama and republican presidential nominee mitt romney have to say about how your child learns. shannon green takes a closer look for us from washington. heather and patty ann while they share some common ground
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there are significant differences in their plans as well. >> i promise you we can out educate and out compete any nation on earth. >> as president i will be a champion of real education reform in america. >> both presidential contenders say improving the sagging education system is a top priority. they have much more faith in president obama when it comes to getting the job done. when fox asked which do you trust to do a better job on education the president held 18 point margin over governor romney 52 over 34 percent. not all have convinced. >> when it comes to education the president deserves a c. >> he gets high marks for shining the spotlight on an education crisis in the u.s. there is skepticism about his proposal which includes recruitling 100,000 math and science teachers over the next several years granting waivers from the no child left behind loss in more than 30 states.
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the people in the country illegally earning citizenship by attending college. governor of massachusetts says charter schools are key to giving parents an option and rigorous graduation testing causes students and educators to improve. they will fight to bring down the cost of higher education but the contrast talks about the teacher's union. they endorse the president's reelection bid months ago. romney said they must take a back seat to children in the classroom. some say they hope that's the position both candidates will adopt. until the president of the united states whoever that may be stands up and says, no longer are you welcome to walk into our offices to sit at our tables and talk to us about issues when children are not your primary concern, until that happens, we can't say that you are truly reform minded. >> current education secretary ernie duncan won praise as the compromi
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compromiser. he works to expand charter schools and launched a perform pa man's pay plan. >> thank you very much shannon. >> the time now is 26 after the top of the hour. coming up former ms global ceo jon corzine says he knew nothing about the misuse of customer's money. a fox business exclusive that reveals something much different. >> we are now learning president clinton's convention speech was copy edited. doesn't sound unusual. wait until you hear who gave it a once over. hi, i'm phil mickelson.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first". >> time for the top 5@5:30. we begin with a fox news alert. americans under attack. armed protestors violently storming u.s. buildings in libya and egypt killing a state department officer. >> oo this mob of froesers shooting guns and tossing rocket propelled grenades at the u.s. consulate in libya coming hours after hundreds of islamic
5:32 am
protestors descended on the u.s. embassy in cairo tearing apart the american flag after taking it down. the long-awaited inspector general's report on the botched fast and furious examination scathing report on the tobacco firearms. reports say many top officials think knew the u.s. was allowing guns to enter mexico but simply looked the other way. the report goes on to say we found no evidence in operation fast and furious that the atf or u.s. attorney's office attempted at any point during the investigation to balance the risk to the public safety against the long-term benefits of identifying trafficking networks and participants. attorney general eric holder found in contempt of congress in june for failing to submit documents on the flawed operation. a brand new report reveals president obama helped former president bill clinton for the
5:33 am
speech with the dnc. they offered up changes for the parts of medicare and welfare reform and he agrees to make the changes. he showed the president his full speech that morning. many members of president obama's campaign were worried president clinton would not show the speech to any one. >> pennsylvania city considering a ban on dogs. officials in beaver falls are working to revitalize. store owners complained the larger dogs scare away shoppers and aren't being cleaned up after. they think the city should focus on more important problems. speculation is growing and kate middleton and wiprince williams are expecting a little one. this after she turned down wine.
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showed what may be a hint of baby bump in her dress. that is your 5@5:30. >> or maybe she is dieting. >> could be. >> the white house trying to shoot down reports of president obama insulted israel by refusing to meet with the prime minister. it comes a week after democrats came under fire for not stating in the original dnc platform that jerusalem was the capital. this blew up fast yesterday. the administration quickly went into damage control mode and helped make a phone call last night between the two leaders to clean the air. did they refuse to meet with president benjamin netanyahu. they said yes netanyahu wanted to meet with president obama next week and was turned away because of scheduling difficulties. they have appearances on the
5:35 am
schedule. here's what the white house national security advisor said the president arrives in new york for the u.n. on monday september 24th and departs on tuesday september 25th. the president doesn't arrive in new york until later in the week. not in the city at the same time. was it just a scheduling issue? this came after they heated up criticism toward iran's nuclear ambitions. >> the world told israel wait. there is still time. i say, wait for what? wait until when? those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before iran don't have a moral right to place a red light before israel. >> the white house would say
5:36 am
netanyahu didn't request a visit at least not in washington quote contrary to reports in the press there was november a request for netanyahu to meet with president obama in washington nor was a request for a meeting ever denied. they have difficult frosty relationships it comes at a time when the president does not want to defend jewish voters at home. back to you guys in new york. now it is time to take a look at who is talking. we are hearing from bob woodward the author of a new book called the price of politics. he is giving readers a new look at the debt negotiation. >> we sat down with sean hannity and lack of leadership by the president during the talk. >> we have 25 million in under employed americans right now. 106 million americans in poverty. 49 million americans on food stamps in this country. we are really -- and nearly 6
5:37 am
trillion at the end of obama's first term of new debt. this is not a game any more. this is about as serious a crisis as i think we face during the great depression and getting worse. >> this was last year and they fixed it by postponing everything. no tax increases, no sensible alignment. we are going to in january be back in the same mess and they will be in no congressional authorization to pay the bills. this as you well know this is a federal government that borrows a trillion dollars a year. in the book if tim geithner to his credit who is running around saying fire, we have got to fix this. we are going to do potentially something that will be indelible
5:38 am
and last for generations. it's going to screw up everything. when you get into the details you realize it could have been fixed. quite frankly ronald reagan would have sat down and said we can't let this happen. >> as we mentioned earlier the white house said the president is fully committed to preventing default. >> before you leave the house let's get the weather update from maria molina. i love it because it feels like fall is here. >> good morning and good morning patti ann. we are looking at temperatures a little cooler out across portions of the northeast. you saw some of that yesterday. today 61 right now romney north carolina -- in carolina people feeling the cool fall air moving on in. as we head westbound we have a
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strong cold front pushing through the center of the nation heading into that system relatively warm currently in the 70s across texas and kansas city. behind that front it will get a lot cooler. 51 in rapid city and 58 degrees in denver. keep an eye on denver. 67 for your high temperatures 70s in the state of minnesota and parts of the dakotas. ahead of that front very hot. talking about low 80s upper 70s elevated fire danger across the midwest. still weather watches in effect across coastal areas of pacific northwest and part of the upper midwest. we will keep an eye on that. >> oo it is time now to entertain this. rapid de jackson will return to
5:40 am
the judge's table on american idol. deadline reports he was brought back after a deal with singer enrique iglesias fell through. the only other confirmed judge is mariah carey. >> they want cardian kardashian new host of the x factor. true blood co-star is now the proud parents of twins. first children who married the british actor back in august of 2010. the time right now 40 after the hour still to come ms global jon corzine told congress he had no idea of misuse of customer's money before it went under. word from the former lieutenant say he knew exactly what is going on. the fidgety colleagues are they driving you cubicle crazy. is this normal or nuts?
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keith ablow is here with the answer. ♪ ♪ i can do anything ♪ i can do anything today ♪ i cano anywhere ♪ i can go anywhere today ♪ la la lla la la la [ male announcer ] dow solutions help millions of people by helping to make gluten free bread that doesn't taste gluten free. together, the elements of science and the human element can solve anything solutionism. the new optimis
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>> let's span the globe to see what headlines we have overseas. >> firefighters are still trying to put out one of two deadly fires that broke out last night. 163 people were killed dozens more hurt. one fire started at a clothing factory in corachi. >> dramatic video of a car bomb blast that hit the country's defense minister's motorcade. he escaped 12-hours died. they think al qaeda has
5:45 am
involveme involvement. it toppled over on a major highway. it was carrying 65 polish tourists at the time. now to a fox business exclusive. new revelationses in the ms global case. he didn't know anything about the misuse of client's money ahead of the firm's collapse. >> while corzine denied ms global but looks like the chief financial office for north america. he had a different story. here's what sources told our own charlie gasporino. >> jon corzine in the missing customer fund. she was basically saying he knew that the money was being missed -- the money was being used and there were problems in the way it was being used that's what she told people initially.
5:46 am
>> told congress she was on vacation but says she communicated she was not comfortable with the firm putting funds at risk. they lost 164 billion in client money instead. the house services committee on over site and investigations is preparing a report on ms global. the sources say it is unclear if the committee will include the statement in that final draft. the attorney wouldn't deny they have culpability. a spokesman for corzine said in a statement the testimony under oath was entirely consistent with mr. corzine. an interesting new plot line to this story that seems to continue to unravel. >> thank you very much. >> the time 46 after the hour. still to come shocking video thieves bypass the door instead driving through the entire store front.
5:47 am
>> a newlywed has a constant best friend in life. it's his mob. dr. keith ablow is here to answer if this is normal or nuts. now let's check in with brian kilmeade to see what's coming up on fox and friends. >> great show as usual ladies. first of all we have don maclaine. he is going to sing american pie and finish up at the end of the news. it is a long song. horrific attacks on two of our embassies one in it equipped bun in libya. what is the truth? trump, netanyahu, the white house? we will find out because there was a phone call last night. it could throw everything up in the air. steve doocy will be here. all coming up on "fox & friends". don't miss it.
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>> 9 minutes until the top of the hour. talk about a smash and grab. three thieves recently ran a stolen car through the front of a cell phone store in north miami then fill up with thousands of dollars in merchandise. over 20,000 dollars in damage to the store. the suspects are still on the lose. a man in ohio definitely has a guardian angel looking out for him. he and their son was driving when they got a flat tire. a good samaritan helped that's when a speeding truck flu flew by. it missed all three of them.
5:52 am
the crazy part it turned out the stranger helped a man 8 years ago when he was in a fishing accident. >> that is very interesting. >> that is a question we all ask ourselves from time to time am i normal or nuts? keith doctor keith ablow is here to answer your e-mails. thank you. >> it's my pleasure. >> a cubical in work. i sit in an office cube and my colleagues instant message friends all day long listening to the type of sounds drives me crazy. i have to walk away or put here plugs in because there's nothing i can do. normal or nuts? >> maybe driving this person crazy. this is a normal person. in fact maybe more normal than the rest of us who can tolerate this kind of inclusion on a daily hourly minute by minute basis. one thing you can do ear plugs. don't just sit passively and take all this stuff.
5:53 am
maybe a job in a cubical surrounded by the employees maybe you look around for one with your own office. >> don't quit your job first? >> no. then you will be in my office. >> i can relate to this one. sometimes when i am scared to sleep after watching a scary tv movie i image characters from my favorite shows protecting me. i don't do that. it's at a point where i don't have any friends except fake ones. >> look, this is serious stuff. we are all vulnerable now to technology and entertainment. but here is somebody lost in it. your new super hero should be a therapist because this is crazy. >> i avoid scary movies all together. i am not a fan of scary movies. >> finally this is a newlywed problem. we hear about this a lot. i have a newlywed friend who talks to his mother at least
5:54 am
four times a day. the last call goes out as they are going to bed. his new wife usually falls asleep as he talks with his mother. is this nuts? they are newlyweds. >> this guy is completely crazy. he's not married he's delusional. he's not married. he's still with his mom. he should have this annulled not even divorced. he wasn't present for his own marriage. this woman who married him who prepared for a relationship because he's taken by his mom. they need therapy. they need a lawyer. >> they need a lawyer? no. come on. they are newlyweds they can't work it out? >> maybe beef if you got somebody incredibly talented i might have some time on my can heed schedule. >> we run into this question a lot with newlyweds and moms and dads getting involved. what's your best piece of advice. >> my best piece of advice is this, people often marry based on their weaknesses not their strengths.
5:55 am
we attract one another because we can heal one another. here are two people in that example of people who can't really truly be bonded in a new marriage. both of them need to travel that distance toward intimacy. you are right. you say boy okay we found each other based on our weaknesses let's turn it into our strength by healing one another. >> end it on a positive note. i like that. thank you very much. >> normal or nuts make sure to send dr. ab low your questions at he will tell you whether you are or not. thank you very much. the time is 5 minutes to the top of the hour. all he had to do was one simple job. instead he caused a wedding nightmare. can you figure out the word of the day? there it is. stick around we will tell you the answer coming up.
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. ♪
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>> let's look at good, the bad and ugly. a bus monitor in new york relentlessly taunted by four middle school students . yesterday karen kline was handed a check for more than 70,000. and she has since retired. next the bad, the so-called best man loses the wedding ring . it was in vain. they used the mom's name. two hours later the priest arrived in the reception saying he found the ring. >> this has a lot to say. >> that video had more two million hitos youtube. the sheep has a twitter and facebook pag


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